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Aug 03 2009

Progesterone deficiency

Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, irritability, insomnia, muscle pain, inflammation, osteoporosis, decreased HDL-cholesterol levels, weight gain, breast tenderness, decreased libido, heavy periods, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, extreme changes in mood, bloating, and urinary incontinence? If so, you may be deficient in progesterone. Other possible symptoms of low progesterone may include frequent urinary tract infections, interstitial cystitis, changes in appetite, hot flashes, chills and night sweats. Progesterone plays a key role in the tasks necessary for reproduction. Beyond preparation for pregnancy, progesterone has a multitude of effects throughout the body, many of which help oppose the action of estrogen. Numerous physical and psychological problems can be caused by an imbalance between estrogen and progesterone including the symptoms listed above.

A number of factors can cause low progesterone levels. Including:




Saturated fat

Deficiency of vitamins A, B6, C, zinc

Decreased thyroid hormone

Impaired progesterone production

Excessive arginine consumption

Increased prolactin production

Natural or bio identical progesterone vs. synthetic Progestin

Progesterone is often confused with Progestin. Progestins are synthetic hormones made to mimic the actions of progesterone but have many negative side effects. Bio identical progesterone (also sometimes referred to as natural or human identical) is made from soy or yam and has the exact molecular structure as progesterone made in the human body. Bio identical progesterone is protective against uterine and breast cancer, balances estrogen, acts as a diuretic, builds bone, aids in sleep, restores libido, lowers cholesterol, increases scalp hair, decreases PMS symptoms, decreases carbohydrate cravings and has a natural calming effect. Progestins on the other hand have been known to cause blood clots, fluid retention, acne, weight gain, depression, an increase in heart disease and diabetes.

Griffin Medical prescribes only bio identical progesterone to patients that are deficient after a thorough physical exam and check of blood levels.

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Mar 18 2008

Sorting Through the Choices For Menopause Hormones

March 11, 2008; 

Excerpt from the Wall Street Journal

Amid all the confusion over hormone-replacement therapy(HRT) for women, one key aspect is often overlooked: Not all HRT products are the same.

The big Women’s Health Initiative that has been generating headlines since 2002 studied women using Premarin and Prempro, both made by Wyeth, which were the state-of-the-art hormone drugs many years ago. Today, estrogen and progesterone are available in forms that are much closer to what women lose in menopause. While the Food and Drug Administration has said it thinks all HRT products pose the same risks, a growing number of doctors and patients prefer the newer varieties. Continue Reading »

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Dec 12 2006

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement (BHRT) Revives Youthful Energy and Vitality While Improving Quality of Life

Griffin Medical Group – Center for Anti-Aging and Aesthetics
Alvin M. Yee, M.D.

The old way of thinking was that humans age, and have naturally declining hormones as a result of aging. However, there are thousands of physicians and other medical professionals who are rethinking their belief of the old aging model. The formation and rapid growth of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) since 1993 is proof of this emerging trend. The latest in medical research now indicates that the degenerative process known as aging occurs precisely because of our declining hormones. With bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), many studies have shown that the effects of aging can be greatly delayed, prevented or even reversed via supplementation of bio-identical hormones, by raising your hormones back to youthful levels. Continue Reading »

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Dec 02 2006

Bio-Identical Estrogens and Progesterone in Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine

One of the fundamental philosophical principles of anti-aging medicine is that only bio-identical (sometimes called natural) hormones should be used for hormone replacement therapy. Premarin and Provera are dangerous synthetic hormones and should not be used for hormone replacement therapy. Continue Reading »

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Nov 19 2006

A Better Option to PremPro…

A better option to PremPro
Q & A | Pharmacist
Article Last Updated:10/22/2006 03:12:08 PM MDT

Q: I’m scared because I take PremPro and I’ve read bad things about that drug. I’ve talked to my endocrinologist, and now I’m terribly confused. He says my medication is just like my hormone, progesterone, but from what I’ve learned it’s not and it’s dangerous. You are the one I trust, Suzy. Is he right?

- A.P., Los Angeles,


A: No, he’s completely wrong. The substance in PremPro is not progesterone; it’s an Continue Reading »

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