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Apr 21 2008

Key Nutrients Reverse Brain Aging Now Available in a Prescription formula

For years, the health of your brain cells was largely considered a one-shot deal: Your neurons had a single non-dividing lifespan — and once they were gone, there was no replacing them.

Making matters worse, any further loss of neurites and dendrites (the branches that form your brain’s massive communication network) could take what would be an otherwise normal loss of brain cells and turn it into a much more serious (and equally irreversible) condition — one marked by anything from minor physical and behavioral impairments to a state of complete senility.

Luckily, the scientific community has since done an about face on this particular matter.

More recent research has revealed that brain cells can replace themselves and regrow their communication networks, if given the right environment. In fact, just by boosting your intake of a few key nutrients, you can improve cognitive health — and even turn back the clock where cognitive decline has already started to settle in.

Among these nutrients, acetyl carnitine could be considered the most important. Laboratory studies have shown that this nutrient increases the revitalizing effects of nerve growth factor (NGF) on brain cells — helping to boost neurite outgrowth a full 100 times greater than NGF alone.1 And when taken in combination with acetyl carnitine arginate, the two act synergistically to boost the production of key neurotransmitters, like GABA and glutamate.2

These powerful effects are reflected in a number of human trials—all of which have shown that acetyl carnitine yields significant improvements in cognition.3

Uridine is also an important and little known ingredient for brain function—it provides the necessary components for cell membrane growth and memory-related neural signaling. In vitro analysis has revealed that human brain cells exposed to uridine experience increased neurite outgrowth and regeneration — results that carried over in vivo, when tested in aged rats.4-5

Similar applications can be seen with gotu kola, an Indian plant with a long history of use in Ayurvedic preparations for senility, epilepsy, and other nervous conditions. Studies performed in the last decade have only reinforced this reputation: Scientists have identified two of gotu kola’s unique compounds — asiaticosides and asiatic acid — as being particularly active, sparking repair of damaged neurons and higher brain functioning in both animal and in vitro studies.6

Complimentary Prescriptions, Neuron Growth Factors (NGF™)

A Rx formula that improves brain function by restoring the outgrowth of neurites on our brain cells. Neurites are the branch-like extensions (axons and dendrites) on brain cells where communication takes place. As we age, a reduction in this neurite network can occur, resulting in a corresponding loss of brain function.

Affected processes can include:

  • Alertness, focus and concentration
  • Cognitive (thinking) ability
  • Short term memory
    • Name, face recall
    • “What was I just saying…?”
    • “What did I come in here for…?”
    • “Where did I put my _____?
  • Ability to retain new information – “How do I work the remote again?”
  • Even hearing and spatial memory (sense of “where I am”) can be affected by neurite loss.

NGF is different from other kinds of brain products. Unlike other formulas NGF enhances brain function by actually improving the structure of brain cells through enhanced neurite outgrowth. Every aspect of brain function can benefit. NGF contains nutrients that have been shown to increase neurite outgrowth and help restore and enhance the structural basis of the brain’s neural communications network.

NGF contains acetyl l-carnitine (ALC) which has been shown to increase nerve growth factor activity as much as 100-fold. ALC increases the number of nerve growth factor receptor sites on brain cells, thereby enhancing the rate of neurite outgrowth. A related compound, acetyl carnitine arginate, works synergistically by mimicking the action of nerve growth factor itself.

Another ingredient, uridine, has been shown to regrow axons and dendrites during growth and development stages, as well as in older animals. Uridine has also been shown to improve cognitive function.

Gotu kola contains several active principals called asiaticosides. These improve cognition in older animals while stimulating axon-dendrite growth and out branching in key areas of the brain. Gotu kola has been used for centuries as a brain tonic in Indian and Chinese medicine and its use has been recorded for 2,000 years.

Gingko biloba has been shown to reduce the free radical oxidative stress produced by the presence of senile plaque in older brains. It is also able to improve undesirable structural changes to neurites caused by the presence of senile plaque. Gingko is a well-known promoter of blood circulation in the brain.

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