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Nov 08 2007

▪ Melatonin Protects Against Breast Cancer

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It has been observed that women who work night shifts have an increased risk for breast cancer. It appears that prolonged exposure to light at night interferes with the body’s production of melatonin, a hormone produced in response to darkness. Production of melatonin peaks at night during sleep. A study published in Cancer Research investigated the role of melatonin and breast cancer. Rats with tumors composed of human breast cells were utilized in the study. Researchers injected rats with women’s blood samples of melatonin collected at various times of the day. Rats that were injected with blood samples that were low in melatonin, their tumor growth increased and rats that were injected with high melatonin samples, tumor growth significantly slowed down. The results of this study suggest that higher blood samples of melatonin may protect women against breast cancer. According to the abstract, “These results are the first to show that the tumor growth response to exposure to light during darkness is intensity dependent and that the human nocturnal, circadian melatonin signal not only inhibits human breast cancer growth but that this effect is extinguished by short-term ocular exposure to bright, white light at night”.

*Blask DE, Brainard GC, Dauchy RT, et al. Melatonin-depleted blood from premenopausal women exposed to light at night stimulates growth of human breast cancer xenografts in rats. Cancer Res. 2005 Dec 1;65(23):11174-84.

The moral of the story is “take your melatonin”

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