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Aug 14 2007

Sermorelin- More info…

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Clinically tested for over 10 years and initially designed for children with growth hormone deficiency, Sermorelin is
a great option for adult patients who would like a safe and proven alternative to traditional hGH.
 What is Sermorelin Acetate?
Sermorelin is a form of GRF that contains only the first 29 amino acids. GRF that is produced by neurosecretory neurons in the brain contains 44 amino acids. When the structure of GRF was first described by the Nobel Laureates, R. Guilleman and A. Shalley in the 1970’s one of their students, William Wehrenberg sought to determine which part of the molecule was essential for its pituitary stimulating action. By eliminating individual amino acids and then testing the remaining peptide, he found that only the first 29 amino acids are responsible for stimulating pituitary production and secretion of hGH. Therefore, the chemical name for Sermorelin is GRH 1-29 NH 2 . The NH 2 is included in the name so as to indicate the amino terminus of the molecule.
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Aug 02 2007

Sermorelin – What is it?

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Griffin Medical Group is currently independantly testing Sermorelin. If sermorelin is something you might be interested in, please let us know.

Sermorelin is a biological active analog of growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) that is produced by the human brain to stimulate production and release of growth hormone by the pituitary gland. During youth, ample amounts of GHRH are produced so that the pituitary is able to provide the body with sufficient growth hormone to sustain health, vitality and otherwise normal aspects of form and function. However, during aging, GHRH declines causing reduced production and secretion of pituitary hGH and thereby increasing the sequelae of growth hormone insufficiency that erodes health, vigor and vitality during later life. Unlike hGH, Sermorelin affects a more primary source of age-failure in the GH neuroendocrine axis, has more physiological activity, a better safety profile. Thus, Sermorelin should be considered a valuable alternative to hGH.

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