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Jul 15 2009

The Effects of Estrogen

The importance of balanced and adequate levels of estrogen is tantamount to good health in women.

What are the symptoms and causes of excessive estrogen?

Excessive estrogen, also referred to as estrogen dominance, can cause many unpleasant symptoms and lead to some very serious health issues. Over-stimulation from estrogen of the breast tissue can cause tenderness, swelling, and fibrocystic breasts. In the uterus, excess estrogen stimulation may lead to endometriosis, cervical dysplasia, increased risk of uterine cancer, heavy or irregular menses, menstrual cramping and uterine fibroid tumors. Excessive estrogen can also cause weight gain, constipation, cyclical headaches and migraines, depression, mood swings, fluid retention, low libido, and anxiety.

Women can become estrogen dominant for many reasons. Lack of exercise, impaired elimination of estrogen, not taking in enough dietary fiber, lack of adequate amounts of progesterone to balance estrogen, using birth control pills, and environmental exposure.. Estrogen mimickers are everywhere in the environment in the form of chemicals (xenoestrogens), and foods and plants (phytoestrogens). Pesticides are perhaps the biggest source of xenoestrogens followed by plastics, fuels, drugs, cosmetics, non organic meats and some dairy products. Here are some key points to reducing estrogen dominance:

• Avoid chemical sources of estrogen (xenoestrogen)
• Avoid food sources of estrogen (phytoestrogens)
• Cleanse the liver
• Reduce stress
• Balance Hormones with bio identical estrogen and progesterone
• Metabolize excess estrogen using a supplement like DIM or Breast Health Complete
• Do not heat food in plastic
• Drink out of glass containers, not plastic or Styrofoam
• Exercise

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
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