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Jun 13 2008

Anabolic Hormone Depletion is Common in Men with Chronic Heart Failure

In a study involving 208 men with chronic heart failure (median age: 63 years) and 366 healthy controls, anabolic hormone depletion was found to be quite prevalent among men with chronic heart failure, and was found to be associated with poor prognostic consequences. Immunoassays were used to measure levels of various hormones in subjects. Results found that men of all ages with chronic heart failure were found to have deficiencies in DHEAS, circulating total testosterone (TT), estimated free testosterone (eFT), and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1). Furthermore, DHEAS, TT, and eFT were found to be inversely associated to New York Heart Association class. After adjusting for established prognostic factors, all four hormones were found to be prognostic markers as well. A positive association was found between DHEAS and left ventricular ejection fraction. Men with chronic heart failure but normal anabolic hormone levels had the best 3-year survival rates compared to those having deficiencies in one, two, or all three anabolic endocrine axes (74%, 55%, and 27%, respectively). These results suggest that men with chronic heart failure who have a deficiency in more than one anabolic hormone may have an increased risk of mortality.

Reference: “Anabolic deficiency in men with chronic heart failure: prevalence and detrimental impact on survival,” Jankowska EA, Biel B, et al, Circulation, 2006; 114(17): 1829-37. (Address: Cardiology Department, Military Hospital, ul. Weigla 5, 50-981 Wroclaw, Poland. E-mail: Ewa.Jankowska@antro.pan.wroc.pl ).

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