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Jun 29 2012

FAQ on Testosterone Therapy – Women

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1. What should my testosterone levels be? How do I interpret the results?
While there are no standardized, agreed upon thresholds for what is “normal” testosterone levels at this point, we do find that women who have total testosterone levels of less than 20 ng/dl and free testosterone of 0.9 or less do have symptoms of low libido and/or response.
If your testosterone is low, you can talk to your doctor about potentially replacing your testosterone. If you feel like your sexual response is low and that is feeding into your lack of interest due to pain, dryness, or lack of response or arousal, or physical release, you should consider seeking evaluation and treatment of sexual arousal disorder.

2. My doctor says I’m too young to have my levels checked. What can I tell him?
Tell your doctor that there has been evidence that even young women have low testosterone. We have found it extremely common, for instance, in pre-menopausal women after childbirth.

3. I’m taking estrogen replacement therapy. Can I have my levels checked? Does estrogen replacement affect testosterone levels?

Yes, you can have your levels checked and yes, estrogen can affect testosterone levels. When you replace estrogen without testosterone, the testosterone becomes bound to the cells, increasing something called steroid hormone binding globulin (SHBG). As less testosterone becomes available for the body to use, your levels of free testosterone decrease. You should definitely be checked, and if your testosterone levels are low think about switching to a combined replacement therapy.

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